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The Montreal matches in 1976 took years to cover off while the 2012 games in London which were assumed to cost approximately $4.9 billion has inflated to a estimated price of $13 billion – and that number is guaranteed to rise. These amounts will λ°”μΉ΄λΌμ‚¬μ΄νŠΈΒ a job such as this is just too large to understand the true cost until the conversion has happened.

Well all it is spent , it appears like Chicagoans will need to dish out lots of bread if Chicago hosts the 2016 games.

But that’s the point where the wrench was thrown into this entire money game.

The IOC has not stated how much it will bring however, but can do this for the very first time in Olympic history.

VANOC published a statement about the problem, stressing that the aid from the IOC isn’t thought to be a full bailout.

“The IOC isn’t reassuring to pay all outstanding expenses or to make sure there isn’t any shortage at the conclusion of these matches,” the announcement said. “The IOC’s aid to help mitigate a potential deficit has a limitation. It doesn’t and isn’t meant to replace the duty of the coordinating committee along with its partners and other things in respect of the duties to stage the matches.”

Does this imply that the IOC will continue to”bond” outside towns, or can this guarantee only be provided as long as the market as in a deflated state? Will the IOC try to offer you any cash to Chicago, as well as London for that matter, to assist them with their shortages and also make it simpler on town to place those Games on? Perhaps donate funds to take the strain off taxpayers, if it come to this? And if yes, where can it get that cash within this financial nightmare we live in?

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