Baby Sleeping Bags

Aim to keep the room temperature somewhere in the baby sleeping bags of 16°C and 20°C relying upon the season. Change the degree of garments worn by the temperature of the room and the season. For instance, dress your infant in a nappy and vest in the mid year and a bodysuit in the colder time of year.

o If your child is perspiring or her stomach, back or chest feel hot, at that point change the temperature of the room or eliminate a portion of her attire to permit her to chill off. Try not to stress if her hands and feet feel cool-this is ordinary (Department of Health, 2009).

o Select a camping bed that is reasonable for your infant’s age, size and weight. In the event that it is too huge, your infant may slip inside the sack. On the off chance that the it is excessively little, development will be confined. Ensure that the neck and armholes fit your child effectively so she doesn’t sneak in or out of the camping cot. Evade ones with sleeves or hoods and never cover your child’s head. Try not to place your child in an infant hiking bed on the off chance that she weighs under 8lb 8oz (4kg).

o Avoid buying camping cot with an inbuilt stitch and don’t cover it with additional covers or a duvet as your child will get excessively hot. On the off chance that your child comes into your bed, don’t cover her with your duvet. A hiking bed that is fixed inside with 100% cotton texture will keep child cozy and comfortable and will permit overabundance warmth and dampness to get away while she rests.

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