What is notepad Plus Plus

Notepad++ is a source code editor and Notepad replacement. It supports multiple languages ​​in MS Windows environment, including syntax highlighting and folding, PCRE, customizable GUI, auto-completion, etc.


How to download and install Notepad++ in 2021


Click the “Free Download” button on Softonic.com to download the basic version of Notepad++ for free. Notepad++ is only available for Windows, so users on other platforms will have to look for coding tools elsewhere. After downloading, the installation wizard will guide you through a few simple steps to complete the installation and start coding immediately.


If you are using your own computer, you can download and install Notepad++ from its official website. Or, if you are working on a university computer that cannot “install” the software, you can download and install the non-installed version of Notepad++.


Steps to Download Notepad++


The Notepad++FTP plugin comes in with Notepad++ by default.

  1. Download Notepad++, Go to notepad++ free download

2            Download the Installer version, if you have installation privilege (such as on your own PC). Run the installer to complete the installation (the default options should work).

3            Download the Zip package, if you work on a University computer.

4            Open the zip file, extract ALL files to a folder in your locker, say “notepad++”. Please do not save to the local hard disk because it will be wiped out upon reboot.

5            If you are not sure how to extract all files, see instructions below.

6            Run Notepad++, you should see something like this:

7            If you use the Zip version, go to installation folder, find notepad++.exe and run it.


Notepad++ As Code Editor

Notepad++ is a free and open source text and source code editor. Notepad++ is written in the C++ programming language to reduce unnecessary functions and simplify the process to create a lightweight and efficient text notepad program. In practice, this means a high-speed and easily accessible user-friendly interface.

Notepad++ has been around for nearly two decades, and there is no sign that it is no longer popular. Notepad absolutely proves that you can code comfortably at home without investing in expensive software. Try it for yourself and you will understand why Notepad can withstand so long.

Latest  Version Working


  • Solve the problem of row operations (join rows, split rows, delete duplicate rows, and sort rows) that cause too many rows to be issued.
  • Fix the return of jumper failure via the command line (-n).
  • After modifying any clickable link settings return, fix the URL floating color disappears.
  • After enabling packaging, you cannot click “Repair URL” in some states.
  • Fix the problem that “Save” does not work in the Windows dialog box.
  • Fix the cursor blinking after double-clicking the found line in the search result.
  • If the word wrap function is enabled, the “Patch Found” row may not be centered by double-clicking the search result.
  • After restoring the window position, fix the position error of the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Solved the problem of inconsistent output TAB width in the “Search Results” window.


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