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Among the more important elements militating against the creation of sports in Nigeria now is lack of successful management. A whole lot of options have been proffered by anxious and patriotic Nigerians every day to bail us from the quagmire. I had been the man invited by the writer and the college to assess the publication when it had been Sports bettting to the general public on December 4, 2008 at Nigeria.

In accordance with Awoyinfa, it’s a truism all around the world that game is currently a reference problem which can no more be discounted in various sectors of their market and spheres of existence. The writer adds this text consequently requires a vital look at topical issues in athletics management and administration, residence on theories and fundamentals of contemporary tendencies in sports management and administration like direction, organisation, preparation, motivation, etc..

The text includes 16 chapters. Chapter 1 is christened”that the idea of sports direction”. Here, Awoyinfa claims management is a theory that suggests different things to different individuals at different times, thereby resulting in the multiplicity of definitions.

This writer expatiates as an artwork, sports management is about executing sports organisational purposes and activities via individuals; whereas as a science, sports management is all about setting sports doctrine, laws, concepts, principles, procedures and practices. As a business, based on him, sports direction is understood to be a method of producing formal structures and a institution according to a mission, goals, objectives, purposes and activities.

Awoyinfa claims as a individual or group of individuals, sports direction can refer to the mind or to each of the senior staff, committee, etc., while as a subject, direction is a discipline of research with several subjects and subjects. The writer illuminates that sports management for a procedure is all about a systematic method of doing things. On whom a sports director is, this writer educates a sports director is anybody at any level of game organisation who directs

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