How to Play Speed Roulette


If you like everything fast and instant, then your go to game in the gambling world would probably be slots, as other games may seem a little slow in comparison. The part of the appeal of slots is indeed the speed of the entertainment and this is why many table games are overlooked by those who like to bet fast.

However, table games like to keep up with the competition and the way they do this is by altering formats to suit new trends and new clientele tastes. Learn an online roulette strategy that will bring you more wins.

The Evolution of Roulette

The game of Roulette was the brainchild of a French physicist and inventor, who was also a mathematician. Blaise Pascal was actually trying to invent a machine that did not need an external power source to operate and back in 1655 his efforts led him to the creation of Roulette instead.

The zero number was absent from Pascal’s invention and this wasn’t introduced to the Roulette wheel until the 19th century. Again, the French were the innovators here and FranΓ§ois and Lois Blanc were the first to design a Roulette Wheel with the inclusion of the number zero.

This actually increased the house edge of the game further and this edge was increased once more, when the game landed in America. Here a zero and double zero became part of the Roulette Wheel set up.

Modern Roulette

If you are a regular casino visitor, whether it’s online or in actual live casinos, then you will have noticed that the simple game of Roulette has actually not stopped developing and changing, in order to remain relevant, in an everchanging gambling environment.

Some examples of a new modern take on Roulette include 101 Roulette, European Roulette, Spread-Bet Roulette and Diamond Bet Roulette. Many of these are online casino variants and there are even slot/Roulette hybrids such as Age of The Gods Live Bonus Roulette. However, if you are one of those punters that needs a frequent thrill, then you should look no further than Speed Roulette.

Speed Roulette Explained

Speed Roulette is exactly what the name suggests, it is a fast version of live Roulette and the difference here is that far more games can be fitted in than when compared to standard versions of the game. This is all down to fast video-based number recognition technology. Speed Roulette is so fast that players can fit in 50 extra games an hour, when compared to normal Roulette.

Each game takes around 25 seconds to complete, so this means that punters have to concentrate and be fast when choosing what numbers to cover before each spin. The betting is open only during a spin and as soon as the previous winning number is captured, then the next game gets underway.Β  The actual act of placing a bet is the same as other forms of Roulette, select your chip value and then click the numbers you want to bet on.

Evolution Gaming are behind Speed Roulette and the game can be played across desktop, tablet and mobile devices such as smartphones.

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